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Same Day Dentistry in Chicago

The perfect smile can be yours in just one visit!

The perfect smile can be yours in just one visit!

Crowns, Fillings and Veneers in Just One Appointment

We understand that sometimes you need restoration services done quickly. Thanks to our E4D system we can meet your needs and provide you with the care you need in one visit. E4D is a computerized design program that allows us to take pictures of your teeth to get a complete look at your needs.

E4D CAD-CAM System

Using the images we can design the shape of your restoration using the E4D system. When you’re happy with our design, we’ll send the information to our milling unit right in our office. This unit uses a diamond drill to design your porcelain restoration (crown, filling or veneer). It can be placed in your mouth that same day.

In addition, we can stain and glaze the restoration, so it will match the exact shade of your other teeth. We can even color it while it’s in your mouth, making sure it’s a perfect match.


E4D same day restorations save you more than time

E4D same day restorations save more than time

No Need for Temporaries

The benefits of the E4D same day restorations go beyond saving you time. This system helps avoid the hassle of a temporary being placed in your mouth and having to come for a second visit.

Next-Day Dentistry

In the case that you have a more complex problem, we may use a two-visit process, making sure you receive your restoration as promptly as possible the following day after your initial visit.

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