Dr. Tokowitz Sheffield Square Dental Implants

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Dr. Tokowitz is excited to share what he has learned at his recent implant courses!  He has been placing implants for several years, however, there are always new advances in dentistry.  These courses showed him the new technological advances of implant dentistry so we always have the highest quality of care for our patients!

Dr. Tokowitz Sheffield Square Dental Implants

Dr. Tokowitz at his advanced implant course this weekend!

3-D Cone beam CT scans are the best way to see any patients mouth at different angles for perfect placement.  With this and patient impressions, we are able to create a 3-D model of our patients mouth and plan on where we need to place their new dental implant(s).

dental implants lakeview sheffield square dental

Dr. Tokowitz reading dental implant scans!

Dental implant guides are the latest and greatest in implant placement.  The guide helps the dentist with the exact angulation of the implants to make best restorations.  Check out the one Dr. Tokowitz made below!

guided implant

Implant guide for perfect placement!

We have a special for July and August to save $500 on our implant services! If you or any one you know would like more information on dental implants or guided implant surgery, please contact our office at 773-880-2310 or e-mail us at office@sheffieldsquaredental.com to find out more!