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Denture Cleaning

A daily cleaning of your dentures (full or partial) will kill bacteria. Be sure to apply cleaners that are produced specifically for dentures so that you don’t risk damage from inappropriate abrasives.

Brush and Floss

Most seniors suffer from dry mouth because of common prescription medications and this is a leading cause of cavities. Even if you haven’t had a cavity for a long time, you are still at risk because of this. So, don’t neglect daily brushing and flossing.

Visit Dentist

Don’t wait until you have discomfort to make a dental appointment. As you grow older, the nerves in your mouth will become desensitized and there are various forms of gum disease and oral cancer that can advance beyond help before any pain becomes apparent.

Bringing a list of particulars when visiting your dentist is very helpful. Give your dentist info concerning your medications, medical conditions, info about your doctors, emergency contacts, insurance/medicaid, and don’t forget to bring your dentures if you have them.

Two Tips – Drinking and Smoking

You may have heard that the older generation who grew up drinking well water have excellent teeth even through advanced age. That is because the water contains fluoride. While there are fewer wells around, you can keep that benefit by continuing the practice. Lastly, if you are a smoker, stop now. It’s never too late to quit, and it will reduce many dental issues and diseases.

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