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Untreated tooth decay and severe dental trauma can sometimes result in the total loss of a tooth. Even if some of the original root structure remains there might not be sufficient structural integrity to viably restore the tooth with endodontic therapy and a dental crown restoration.

In a severe case like this, a dentist like Dr. Eliot Tokowitz might recommend a total extraction. Once the affected oral tissues have healed and any potential infection concerns have cleared, he can help you understand your options for replacing the tooth.

If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery associated with a dental implant restoration, he may recommend installing a dental bridge. This is basically an artificial tooth fused into one single piece of dental work with a empty crown at each end.

The treatment process calls for him to create two abutments by removing the tooth enamel from each tooth neighboring the gap. An impression will then be made of the area as well as the corresponding teeth. It will be sent to a state of the art dental lab where your dental bridge will be formed from special dental grade materials.

You will need to return to Sheffield Square Dental Care when your dental bridge is ready. Dr. Eliot Tokowitz will then cement it onto the abutments with a strong dental adhesive.

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