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If you play any sports in which there a chance that you may injure your teeth or mouth, you should consider wearing a mouth guard. A mouth guard can protect your teeth, gums, and orthodontics if you wear them, from an impact to your face.

The best type of mouth guard is one made by our dentist Dr. Eliot Tokowitz. A mouth guard made in our office will be designed from an impression made from your teeth. That means it will give you the best possible coverage and protection.

Ideally, you should get a new mouth guard at the start of every sports season. However, there are other occasions you should see us for a new one. Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria. Those same bacteria are present on your mouth guard every time you put it in. If you have not been rinsing it before and after each use, and cleaning it on a regular basis, you should think about getting a new one. If your mouth guard is becoming pitted and cracked, it is providing a home for bacteria to grow, and you should see your dentist about having a new one made.

If you have a sports season coming up, then it is time for a new mouth guard. If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, area, call Sheffield Square Dental Care at phone to schedule your appointment. To learn more about Sheffield Square Dental Care and how our team can help you, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages where you can find information on our latest updates and events!