Do adults need dental sealants?

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Dental Sealants

At Sheffield Square Dental, we always recommend any preventive services that our patients may need. Most offices do not provide this treatment as it typically is not covered by insurance after a certain age. We feel like this is not letting our patients know all of their options! Sealants are great for anyone at any age who has deep groves in their teeth. Toothbrush bristles do not always go deep enough to get into these groves and the result for many patients is bacteria sticking to these areas and forming cavities.
At our office, we would rather our patients have these done, than having to come back to see the doctor, get numb, remove the cavity, place a filling and pay more for the filling than the sealant was in the first place!
Great things about sealants:
1. Shade- tooth colored/white, not noticeable
2. Fluoride releasing-helps to prevent cavities and promotes strength
3. Prevents cavities/staining that may lead to cavities
4. Peace of mind! If you are brushing and flossing at home, you should be set!

We hope that all of our patients see the value of sealants and that they help to keep their teeth cavity free!