A Chipped Tooth Might Need a Crown Before a New Cavity Can Set In

A Chipped Tooth Might Need a Crown Before a New Cavity Can Set In

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Jun 6 2017, 07:59 AM

There are several different things that can potentially chip tooth enamel. This could happen from a sports-related injury, a hard fall, or grinding your teeth at night without a necessary dental guard. People who have a bad habit of using their teeth to open packages or nibble on stray objects are at daily risk of suffering a chipped tooth.

Even if the chipped tooth doesn’t cause you pain or undue distress, you should still have it examined and repaired at Dr. Eliot Tokowitz’s dental office in Chicago, Illinois. Over the course of time, the damaged tooth enamel could foster a new cavity deep inside the tooth.  

If the chip is large, or the tooth has previously been repaired by a filling, Dr. Eliot Tokowitz, might not be able to repair it with a standard filling. In a situation like this, he might recommend restoring the tooth with a crown.

We use the E4D CAD/CAM system to meet your needs and provide you with a dental restoration in just one visit. This design program allows us to take photos and scans of your teeth to determine what you need. Using this information, Dr. Eliot Tokowitz will design your restoration to meet your unique needs.

Once the design is ready, we will send this information to our in-office milling unit. Using a diamond drill, your customized porcelain crown is created. Your crown can also be stained or glazed to blend in with your surrounding teeth for a completely natural appearance. When the crown is ready our dentist will place the crown for your same-day restoration.

If you have recently suffered a chipped tooth, and you live in the Chicago, Illinois area, please call 773-880-2310 to seek professional treatment with Dr. Eliot Tokowitz. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates. At Sheffield Square Dental Care, we care about your smile and want to make sure that you receive the quality care you deserve!

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