Bite Correction: Common Problems and Main Benefits

Bite Correction: Common Problems and Main Benefits

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL on Jul 5 2021, 09:16 AM

Bite problems can often be disregarded especially in children. However, when left untreated, they can later cause various issues like speech problems or difficulty chewing food. 

At Sheffield Square Dental Care in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Eliot Tokowitz specializes in bite correction treatments and procedures that can restore your confidence and appearance as well as your oral functionality.

Read on to learn more about bite correction and its main benefits.

  • Bite Correction Treatment

Bite correction treatment is required when your bite does not align properly because of issues relating to your teeth or jawbone. It improves the alignment and function of your bite, prevents tooth decay, and also has aesthetic benefits.

  • Common Bite Problems

Since every individual's bite problem is unique, we have listed the common types of bite problems found in children and adults:

  • Crossbite

When the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth, this condition is referred to as a crossbite. 

Crossbite can be caused by the misalignment of your teeth or your jawbone and impacts either a single tooth or a set of teeth. If not treated, it can lead to asymmetrical facial features, jaw pain, and wearing down of tooth enamel.

  • Underbite

This bite condition is diagnosed when a misalignment of the jaw causes the lower teeth to extend farther than the upper teeth. It can cause jaw pain, difficulties chewing food, and speech issues.

  • Open Bite

Open bite is a condition in which the teeth in the back touch each other but the lower and the upper front teeth are angled and do not. It can be caused by excessive thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, or temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). 

An open bite can lead to eating and speech problems, as well as aesthetic issues.

Benefits of Bite Correction

  • Bite correction treatments can improve not only your appearance but your overall dental health. 
  • The main benefits of bite correction treatments are:
  • They align your teeth thereby helping you properly bite and chew your food.
  • They solve facial asymmetry and aesthetic imperfections caused by misaligned teeth or malocclusion.
  • They prevent tooth and enamel wear. 
  • For children, they can help prevent the occurrence of more severe dental and alignment issues later on and help the jawbone develop properly.
  • They restore your self-confidence and make you feel good about your smile.

At Sheffield Square Dental Care in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Eliot Tokowitz offers expert dental care treatments and procedures including bite correction. For more details and scheduling a consultation, call us at (773) 880-2310, book online, or visit us at 2835 N. Sheffield Ave., Suite 305, Chicago, IL 60657.

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