Dental Implants in Chicago

Dental Implants in Chicago

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Oct 7 2019, 11:23 AM

It is no secret to modern dentistry that implants are the best tooth-replacement option.

At Sheffield Square Dental, we take the guesswork out of dental implant placement with the latest and greatest technology. Prior to 3-D scans and implant guides, usually, an oral surgeon would place implants based on two-dimensional x-rays and do a freehand placement.

Most of the time, the implants will be just fine. However, there are a few placement issues that can happen that would result in damaging the nerve, sinus or even the implant failing altogether.

All of these things are pretty scary scenarios to think about and the best way to have these not happen would be to plan out your case with a 3-D CBCT scan and making an implant guide. The scan shows your bone level and thickness (or width) of the bone. This way, Dr. Tokowitz can plan out the size and length of the implant based on you and your jaw bone size as everyone is different!

We have the lab make the implant guide and the placement is done in one day! After this, the bone integrated with the implant over a course of 3-5 months. We have you come in to check this every other month until it is ready to restore. We then take an impression for the lab to make your custom abutment and implant crown.

If you have any questions about scheduling a 3-D scan with our office to see if you are an implant candidate, call our office at 773-880-2310!

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