Do I Need A Night Guard?

Do I Need A Night Guard?

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL on Jan 17 2022, 06:29 AM

A night guard is a protective cover for the mouth that acts like a crash helmet for your teeth. Night guards are typically worn while sleeping to reduce the impact of bruxism on your oral health. You can get your night guard at Sheffield Square Dental Care.

What Is a Night Guard?

A night guard covers your teeth and protects them from grinding against each other while you sleep. Night guards are similar to other oral appliances like mouth guards, occlusal guards, bite splints, dental guards, and nocturnal bite plates but serve the specific function of addressing bruxism.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition where you grind and clench your teeth frequently, and your teeth get flattened, fractured, minced, or loose. Bruxism causes tooth pain and sensitivity that in turn causes sleep disruption, headache, face pain, or soreness. We address this and other conditions at Sheffield Square Dental Care.

Why Would I Need a Night Guard?

Protect your teeth from the ill effects of clenching and grinding at night using night guards. Patients can be sure that they get the best night guard from Sheffield Square Dental Care and get relief from all their bruxism worries.

  • Prevents Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD): Night guards help prevent the misalignment caused by grinding teeth in sleep.
  • Prevents headaches: Night guards eliminate headaches by countering your tense muscles.
  • Night guards get rid of bruxism.
  • Night guards protect teeth from damage and preserve your long-term oral health.
  • Get better sleep with night guards.

Benefits of Night Guards

  • They avert tooth damage.
  • They reduce jaw tension and pain.
  • They avert headaches.
  • They give healthy sleep patterns by reducing stress and relaxing your muscles.
  • They save you money by preventing more complex treatments.

Types of Night Guards

Depending upon the materials they are made from, there are different kinds of night guards.

Hard night guards: Most durable type of night guard that prevents you from grinding and clenching your teeth, preventing TMD.

Over-the-Counter: They are pre-molded one size fit for any mouth.

Custom-made: Personalized solution for your condition since they are made exclusively for your teeth.

If you are suffering from teeth grinding and clenching do not hesitate to communicate with your dentist.

Take care of your oral health with Sheffield Square Dental Care. Get your night guard from us and have a good night’s sleep. Call us at 773-880-2310 or email us at to schedule your appointment. Visit Sheffield Square Dental Care at 2835 N. Sheffield Ave, Suite 305, Chicago, IL 60657.

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