How Can You Benefit From a Smile Makeover?

How Can You Benefit From a Smile Makeover?

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL on Aug 24 2020, 03:54 AM

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental treatment option, which itself is a combination of several different procedures. If you have avoided routine dental consultations for a long time now and wish to get a complete smile transformation, you would be the perfect candidate for it. Here are some of the prominent benefits of a smile makeover.

Replace Missing Teeth

Losing the natural teeth to cavities, external trauma, oral diseases, etc. can be quite traumatizing. It can have several adverse effects on your oral health, as well as the aesthetics of your smile. Hence, we suggest you get missing teeth restored with prosthetic ones at the earliest. Depending on your oral condition, we will recommend dental implants, bridges, or dentures to replace your missing teeth.

Restore Damaged Teeth

Damaged teeth not only make your smile look displeasing but also put your oral health at serious risk. Damaged teeth could expose the underlying root canal cavity to the microbes in the mouth, which can infect the dental pulp and cause a root canal infection. Such teeth can be restored using ceramic restorations like crowns, veneers, onlays, or composite bonding.

Beautify the Gums

The gums are just as important as the teeth to sport a beautiful smile. Optimum oral hygiene is crucial to ensure their health, similar to that of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. But, when you develop gum diseases, the tissues could appear discolored, decayed, or recede below the gum line. We will help to remove the decayed tissues and graft healthy ones in its place. Further, antibiotic medication will be used to reduce its severity and prevent reinfection.

Align the Teeth Perfectly

A perfect smile would require the teeth to be spaced and aligned correctly. If you have a malocclusion due to which you are facing issues with the bite, we can recommend appropriate orthodontic appliances to get the teeth aligned properly. Some of the popular ones are dental braces and Invisalign

Get Whiter Teeth

Teeth discoloration is a common concern among individuals of all ages. The teeth could stain or appear dull when you consume a lot of colored foods, do not practice optimum oral hygiene, chew tobacco, or smoke cigarettes. Getting these stains removed is quite an easy process. We provide various teeth whitening options such as conventional in-house whitening, take-home whitening kits, and laser teeth whitening.

Along with these services, we also provide treatment for all common oral concerns, such as cavities, worn out teeth, natural misshapen teeth, bite issues, etc.

Please schedule an appointment online or call us at (773) 880-2310, to have a consultation with Dr. Eliot, and we will be happy to guide you further with the smile makeover. We also serve Lakeview and Lincoln Park areas of Chicago, 60657.

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