Invisalign® Can Quickly Correct Minor Deviations in the Alignment of Your Teeth

Invisalign® Can Quickly Correct Minor Deviations in the Alignment of Your Teeth

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Dec 19 2017, 10:15 AM

The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in your basic oral function, while also providing you with an attractive smile that appears in many of your facial expressions. Uncorrected deviations in the position and orientation of your teeth can cause gradual complications with multiple teeth in your dentition. This could cause chips, dental fractures, and possible dental attrition problems.

Fortunately, Dr. Eliot Tokowitz might be able to correct minor deviations by providing you with Invisalign®. This popular brand of clear plastic aligners designed to gradually correct the position of your misaligned teeth in as little as six to eight weeks. Every two weeks, you will need to change to a new set of custom aligners. Each one will gradually move your teeth a little closer to their ideal position.

The process of providing you with Invisalign® starts with Dr. Eliot Tokowitz examining your teeth to determine their overall health and the number of necessary aligners. A detailed impression of your teeth will then be sent to a special Invisalign® laboratory where orthodontic technicians will develop a series of custom aligners.

You will need to install the aligners in your mouth for 22 hours a day to maximize their ability to realign your teeth. When wearing the aligners in your mouth, you can drink and speak normally. Yet you will need to remove them before eating a meal or a snack. You should never chew gum, smoke, or use tobacco products while the aligners are in your mouth. When not in use, you should keep Invisalign® in the case provided.

If you are in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you are interested in Invisalign®, you should call 773-880-2310 to schedule to set up a consultation at Sheffield Square Dental Care today. For more details on Dr. Eliot Tokowitz‘s practice, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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