Looking to Fix Your Smile for the Summer? Get a Dental Veneer!

Looking to Fix Your Smile for the Summer? Get a Dental Veneer!

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Jun 20 2017, 07:48 AM

A dental veneer can fix your smile the way you want it today with a visit to Sheffield Square Dental Care’s office here in Chicago, Illinois. Whether it’s a chip, fracture, or stain, our goal is to provide you with that perfect smile you need or want.

The procedure for a dental veneer is done through first figuring out which shade and shape of the veneer is going to look best in your smile. The veneer is then made from composite resin or porcelain made to these specifications. Tooth enamel is scraped off, which is irreversible, and then an adhesive is placed carefully. Cement is placed on the tooth and then a veneer is placed on top. It is cured with a special light for about a minute before being polished by your dentist.

We recommend you avoid any drinks that can stain your new veneers such as coffee or wine, and do not use your teeth, whether or not you have a veneer, to open any foreign objects such as plastic containers or chewing on straws.

Dr. Eliot Tokowitz and his associates strive to provide the right care for your teeth, not only giving you comfort but a beautiful smile. Give us a call at 773-880-2310 today to get the perfect smile here in Chicago, Illinois. Also, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates here at Sheffield Square Dental Care.

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