Restoration with a Root Canal

Restoration with a Root Canal

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Aug 8 2017, 06:59 AM

When decay penetrates the pulp of the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary to save the tooth from extraction. The dentist will numb the area and remove any infected tissue from the teeth. Once the inside of the teeth has been cleaned and disinfected, the dentist will fill and seal them to prevent further damage. A dental crown is often placed on top to protect the repaired tooth and restore its appearance.

What Causes the Need For a Root Canal?

The need for a root canal is usually caused by tooth decay or injury that causes an infection and leads to an abscess. When bacteria are present in the tooth, it can cause the tooth to rot from the inside out and eventually cause the nerve to die as well. If the nerve dies from infection, it will cause the tooth to become brittle, making it susceptible to fractures. A root canal is needed in order to save the affected tooth and prevent further issues. In addition to saving the existing tooth, it can be important to replace a tooth that has died because surrounding teeth can shift into the space left by the lost tooth and cause orthodontic problems.

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

There are several benefits to having a root canal instead of pulling the tooth and replacing it with a false tooth or a dental implant. Here are a few of the most important benefits to consider:

  • Preventing serious health risks down the road. Infection in a hard-to-reach tooth can cause severe or life-threatening complications, including heart problems or problems with the nervous system, like meningitis.
  • Saving your smile and preventing more tooth loss. If your dentist recommends a root canal, they probably believe that saving your tooth is better than cutting it out and replacing it. Dentists usually recommend a root canal to prevent the loss of other teeth due to the infection in a single tooth.
  • Keeping your natural smile instead of losing it forever. Many patients would rather keep their natural teeth than undergo expensive replacement procedures with false teeth or dental implants. Taking the extra time to save a tooth with a root canal can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in treatment costs and prevent you from having to wear dentures or other teeth replacement devices for the rest of your life.
  • Preserving bone structure in your jaw. The loss of a few teeth can lead to bone loss in the jaw. This can lead to further tooth loss, shifting teeth, and bite problems. Oftentimes, dentists will recommend a root canal before recommending extraction because it protects the jaw and prevents further problems associated with tooth loss.
  • Increasing your confidence by keeping your real teeth. Although dentures and dental implants have improved over the years, many patients still report feeling self-conscious about wearing them. Having a full set of natural teeth can improve your self-esteem and make you more confident with others.
  • Stopping the pain associated with an infected or abscessed tooth. In many cases, an abscessed tooth is the source of severe pain for months.

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