Virtual Consults

Virtual Consults

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Apr 20 2020, 07:40 AM

Virtual dental care is one of the most popular concepts in recent times in the world of dentistry. Rather than you going to meet the dentist at their dental practice, the dentist will connect with you either online or on call. This avoids you taking the time to visit the dentist, waiting patiently for your scheduled appointment, and sitting for long hours in the dental chairs. 

America is turning towards virtual consultations.

According to a report published by the Parks Association, almost 60% of Americans prefer online consultations rather than the physical ones. Individuals feel that staying in the comfort of their house and getting their oral condition diagnosed saves them a lot of time and gets rid of the hassle.

How does virtual dental care work?

Most of our virtual sessions are conducted over a trusted video-conferencing platform. Patients are required to have a high-speed broadband connection (Internet) so that the video conference is held with high-definition video and audio experience. Regular oral consultations and simple diagnosis can be handled via virtual consults. However, post the online video-conferencing, you may have to visit the dentist’s practice if you have to get a restoration placed or if the condition requires extensive treatment.

Advantage of virtual consultations

  • You can save yourself a lot of time and effort as you will not have to travel to the dentist’s practice from your house.
  • Patients who are usually on a busy schedule can take up the online consultation from their workplace or home.
  • Virtual consults are an inexpensive, yet effective means of getting an expert opinion on your oral condition.
  • Virtual consultations are the perfect solution for getting yourself diagnosed during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. You no longer have to skip your dentist’s appointment, nor risk putting yourself in possible danger by stepping out of your house.

Please schedule an appointment online or call us at (773) 880-2310, to have a consultation with Dr. Eliot, and we will be happy to guide you further with virtual consultations.

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