Whiten Your Smile with Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®

Whiten Your Smile with Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Sep 5 2017, 06:20 AM

With yellowed, dull, or stained teeth, it’s difficult to be confident with your smile. Did you know you can fix your smile with Philips® Zoom WhiteSpeed®? This easy to use and innovative treatment can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades here at our office in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Eliot Tokowitz and our professional staff want to help you get your best smile yet!

This highly-requested whitening treatment is effective while working quickly. Compared to other teeth whitening products, Philips® Zoom WhiteSpeed® has the effectiveness of producing a brighter smile with the results you want. Other whitening treatments such as toothpaste, strips, or mouth rinses can vary in prices, a number of uses, and success.

This advanced care’s blue LED light technology combined with pH boosters in the whitening gel produces the results you are happy to show off. In just one visit to Sheffield Square Dental Care, you can get one of the quickest procedures done in less time than it takes to visit your grocery store.

Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® is a whitening treatment you can count on how due to its speediness, safety, and results. Removing stains, discolorations, and fast touchups (when needed) can be done with this treatment we offer at Sheffield Square Dental Care here in Chicago, Illinois. Schedule an appointment or consultation by calling 773-880-2310 today!

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