Whiten Your Smile with Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®

Whiten Your Smile with Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Sep 5 2017, 06:20 AM

Introduction to Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®

Are you looking for a way to enhance your smile and boost your self-confidence? Look no further than Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®, the teeth whitening system that can brighten your teeth up to eight shades in just one hour! With so many at-home treatments promising dazzling results, it's hard to know which ones actually work. But with this proven professional treatment, you can trust that you're getting a safe and effective solution that will leave you with a sparkling smile. Let's dive into how Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® works its magic!

How does Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® work?

Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® is a professional teeth whitening treatment that can brighten your smile up to eight shades in just one hour. But how does it work?

First, the dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to your teeth. This gel breaks down stains on the surface and deep inside the enamel.

Then, a special LED light is used to activate the gel and speed up the whitening process. The light generates heat which helps break down stain molecules even further.

During the treatment, you'll be given protective eyewear and a cheek retractor so that only your teeth are exposed. Your dentist will also monitor your progress throughout to ensure optimal results.

Once finished, you'll leave with noticeably whiter teeth that can last for years with proper maintenance.

Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® uses advanced technology and proven techniques to deliver fast and effective results without causing damage or sensitivity to your teeth.


After learning about Philips® Zoom Whitespeed®, it's clear to see why it's such a popular choice for teeth whitening. Its advanced technology and use of LED light allow for quick yet effective results that can last up to three years with proper maintenance.

Not only is the process comfortable, but it's also safe and gentle on your teeth and gums. Plus, with customizable intensity levels, you can achieve the level of whiteness you desire without any discomfort or sensitivity.

If you're looking to brighten your smile in a fast, easy way, then Philips® Zoom Whitespeed® may be just what you need. Contact your dentist today to learn more about this innovative teeth whitening treatment!

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