Why Do I Need an Onlay Instead of a Filling?

Why Do I Need an Onlay Instead of a Filling?

Posted by SHEFFIELD SQUARE DENTAL CARE on Oct 21 2019, 10:59 AM

We get this question from a lot of our patients! There are patients that come in for an exam with Dr. Tokowitz, with huge silver fillings that were done over 10 years ago. In most cases, these fillings are cracked, and the margins where the filling meets the tooth have a small gap in-between where bacteria and decay are getting underneath the filling. Since the existing fillings are already very large we need to remove the decayed areas. Once the decay is removed there is less tooth structure left and a regular composite filling replacement would most likely break.

When more than two-thirds of the natural tooth structure is missing, the tooth is susceptible to fracture with a regular filling. We now place a porcelain onlay restoration for added strength to the tooth. This treatment is the best for the longevity of the tooth and will feel most like a natural tooth for our patients! Not to mention it will have the most natural shape like a regular tooth for perfect contact and flossing!

What is so great about modern dentistry now with the technology at Sheffield Square Dental is that we can make this restoration in just one day! Prior to having our E4D scanner and mill, we would need to make a temporary tooth and send the onlay out to a lab to be made. We can now do this all on the same day at a one and a half-hour appointment. This saves our patients time by not having to come in for two visits, and they get the best restoration possible, knowing it will be long-lasting. You can read more about our E4D process here!

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