Itero Scanner

iTero is a hand-held scanning tool that looks very much like a wand. Its tip produces a beam of light that is projected on the teeth. The results of the scan can be viewed in real-time on a computer screen, which gives the dentist a better idea of the condition. 

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Planmeca Planmill

Planmeca PlanMill is an excellent choice to offer fast and accurate milling in our dental practice itself. It provides the most advanced milling experience and produces high-quality restorations that can last long.

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CBCT 3D Imaging

Our lab provides guided surgery. When we are doing an implant, the device is placed, and this tech helps predetermine exactly where the implant is going to go.
This is pre-planned by 3d x-ray, most doctors are still using a 2d x-ray.

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Our office uses the latest technology, including the DEXIS CariVu™, a tool used to detect hard-to-see decay. Using DEXIS CariVu, we can diagnose cavities, and cracked teeth with much higher accuracy, and patients can immediately view the intra-oral photos we take.

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The DIAGNOdent uses laser fluorescence to aid in the detection of caries within the tooth structure. As the incident laser light is dispersed into the site, carious tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of caries, resulting in elevated scale readings on the display. Clean healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence and will result in very low scale readings on the display.

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