Porcelain Veneers to Correct Smile

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veneer before and after

At Sheffield Square Dental, Dr. Tokowitz sees several patients who come in for cosmetic dentistry. One of our cases from this years shows you a simple fix that helped our patient get the smile of her dreams before her wedding!
Visit #1: The consultation. We discuss your options, how many teeth we would need to give you the outcome you are looking for. We then take impressions to send to our lab. The lab then makes a design of the new teeth called a diagnostic wax up. This is the “blueprint” to the new teeth and from this design, we have a guide made to place beautiful temporaries.
At visit #1, we can also do a Zoom whitening for our patients! This is an in-office whitening procedure that will boost the color of your natural teeth and we then would match your veneers to this color. At Sheffield Square Dental, we give our patients whitening gel once a year to maintain their natural teeth color, at no extra charge!
Visit #2: Preparation Day. We will get you comfy and cozy for this 2-3 hour appointment and then Dr. Tokowitz will get the teeth ready for the porcelain veneers. He will remove the minimum amount of tooth structure needed and then place your new temporary “trial smile”. At this time, we want our patients to look at the shapes of the teeth. There are several smile designs that we can choose from and we help to guide this with the temporaries we have placed. However, the decision is up to the patient if they want us to round some edges or even choose a different shade. We then wait a few weeks for the lab to make the final porcelain veneers
Visit #3 Veneer Seat Date: This is the best day! We will again, get you very comfy as this visit can also be about 2 hours or so, then we remove the temps and show you your new smile. We show you first with a try in paste so you can see your new smile in the mirror and approve the shade and shapes. Dr. Tokowitz will then permanently cement your new smile! Most of the time, we would recommend you to have a night guard made to protect your new investment. We can usually do this at this visit as well or at a follow up visit.
If you have any questions regarding our veneer process or would like to set up an appointment, please call our office today! 773-880-2310