Emergency Exams in Lakeview Chicago

Emergency Exams in Lakeview Chicago

Dental emergencies require immediate treatment from a dentist to stabilize the situation. Any delay in visiting the dentist on time can increase the severity of the condition, and the pain may intensify as well. We offer walk-in appointments to patients who have dental emergencies so that they can get the necessary treatment from our dentist.

Emergency dental exams

When you visit our clinic for an emergency dental consultation, we visually examine your condition to understand its severity. It also allows us to determine the right treatment solution. If you have sustained a dental emergency, there are chances that your teeth or jawbone have cracked or fractured. Since they are underlying, an x-ray will be required to get a better idea if you have sustained a fracture.
In case you have a severe toothache, it could be due to a root canal infection, a dormant cavity, or any other oral disease. We may use an intraoral camera to examine and diagnose the teeth and gums. Based on the observations made, the dentist may suggest a suitable treatment plan on the same day or the day after. Meanwhile, we will provide medication that will help to stabilize the condition and alleviate the pain temporarily.
If you have the files and prescriptions of your previous dental consultations, make sure to bring them along. The dentist may use them to understand the background to your oral condition in case it has to do something with oral infections, toothache, root canal infection, etc.
Call us at (773) 880-2310 to have a consultation with Dr. Grandberry, and learn more about Emergency Dental Exams. We also serve Lakeview and Lincoln Park areas of Chicago, 60657.


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