Root Canal Therapy in Lakeview Chicago

Root Canal Therapy in Lakeview Chicago

The mouth is the gateway to the body. The way we take care of our oral health plays a significant role when it comes to our overall health. Several oral conditions and diseases can upset your oral health, out of which a root canal infection is one of the most devastating ones. It can cause such severe symptoms that without going through a root canal therapy, the only way to halt the spread of the infection is by getting the tooth extracted. Hence, root canal therapy is regarded as the last resort treatment method to treat a severely infected tooth.

What is the root canal?

A root canal is a central canal or cavity that is present in every tooth. It has dental pulp, which comprises the vital nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for the sensitivity and nourishment of the tooth. It can sometimes develop an infection, due to which the dental pulp could decay. Some of the causes of a root canal infection are as follows:
  • Cavities are the primary cause of a root canal infection. The cavity could sometimes become so deep that it reaches the root canal cavity, and the microbes can cause an infection.
  • Gum diseases can lead to a root canal infection. When you develop gum diseases, the gum line could recede below the average level and allow the microbes to enter the root canal through the roots.
  • External trauma to the mouth can crack or chip a tooth. If the tooth is left untreated for a long time, the microbes in the mouth can enter the root canal and cause an infection.

What are the symptoms of a root canal infection?

  • The infected tooth will be highly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
  • The infected tooth usually looks duller in color compared to the adjoining teeth.
  • Bleeding and release of pus near the infected tooth.
  • The condition is highly painful. You may find it very difficult to brush your teeth or chew food.
  • Over time, the infected tooth may loosen from its socket in the jawbone.

How can a root canal infection be treated?

The best way to treat a root canal infection is by removing the infected pulp from the tooth. The dentist makes a small hole on the tooth to access the decayed pulp within the tooth. Tiny dental files will be inserted into the hole, and the decayed pulp will be removed. The walls of the cavity will be scrubbed to remove the adhered microbes. A jet of water is used to wash away the debris. The entire procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, as it may lead to pain and discomfort. The tooth will be restored using a dental crown after the procedure.
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