iTero in Lakeview Chicago

iTero in Lakeview Chicago

Have you ever visited a dentist to get a restoration done? In most cases of dental restorations, the dentist takes a mold of the tooth that requires treatment to serve as a reference for fabricating the ceramic restoration. The process involves you biting into a gooey mass (which looks like dough) so that an impression of your tooth forms on it. The dentist then takes it and extracts the dimensions and contour to fabricate your restoration in a dental laboratory.
The major issue with the conventional way of taking a mold is that the dimensions are not accurate. Also, the contour of the restoration will not exactly match that of your tooth. This can alter your bite and feel uncomfortable against your natural teeth. The advancements in the field of dentistry have brought about a more efficient and reliable way to take a mold of the teeth. It is called the iTero element.

What is iTero?

iTero is a hand-held scanning tool that looks very much like a wand. Its tip produces a beam of light that is projected on the teeth. The results of the scan can be viewed in real-time on a computer screen in our practice, which gives the dentist a better idea of the condition. Further, the data obtained from the scans are highly precise and serve as the perfect reference for fabricating the restoration.

Advantages of iTero

  • The process of scanning the tooth and obtaining the data takes very little time.
  • The need to bite into a gooey, putty-like substance is completely eliminated.
  • You can comfortably be seated in the dental chair while the dentist uses the iTero scanning tool to scan your teeth. It doesn’t cause any discomfort and is tested safe for use on human tissues.
  • In case you have the urge to sneeze or spit in the middle of the scanning process, you can do so without worrying about the scan results. Scanning using iTero can be stopped in between and resumed without hassle.
  • The accuracy of the scan results obtained is immaculate. The restorations will fit your teeth perfectly once bonded.
  • A single scan is enough for the dentist to get virtually an unlimited number of views of the teeth. The dentist can examine the teeth in-depth and spot minute details.

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