Night Guards in Lakeview Chicago

Night Guards in Lakeview Chicago

Has your bedmate ever complained of you snoring too loud and disturbing their sleep? If so, you are one among millions of Americans who suffer from snoring issues. It not only affects your sleep quality but can also lead to a few health conditions. Hence, we suggest our patients get their conditions treated at the earliest so that they can sleep peacefully every single night.

What is the cause of snoring?

When we sleep, most of the muscles and organs of our body loosen up and go into a relaxed state. This is applicable to the muscles and tissues of the throat as well. Due to this, the throat tissues may collapse a little too much, thereby reducing the opening to the airway. This makes breathing during sleep more difficult. When you breathe in and out of the airway, this causes a resonance against its walls, making you snore.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is a sleep disorder where the individual subconsciously grinds their teeth while asleep. Due to this, the teeth tend to wear excessively. Also, a lot of stress is applied to the Temporomandibular Joints or the TMJs. It can lead to a condition called TMD, where the patient feels a lot of pain while moving their jaw.

What is the treatment?

Snoring and bruxism can be treated using a night-time mouthguard. It looks just like a regular athletic mouth guard, and the patient has to wear it before going to sleep. It brings the lower jaw forward, thereby expanding the opening to the airway. Also, it prevents the collapse of the tissues from the throat, which prevents the blockage of the airway. It avoids contact between the teeth of both jaws, which keeps bruxism at bay.

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